Botox Vs. The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream

I attended our family reunion last Sunday. It was a pleasant occasion that got even more gratifying because of the flattering comments I received regarding my skin. It feels great to know that people see the effect of the anti wrinkle cream I currently use. It is my dermatologist who asked me to use this product. I went to her office one day and asked for her opinion about my plans to undergo Botox. She’s been my doctor for almost a decade and she has become a friend. She can say to me anything that she wants to say and I always give high regards to her opinions. When she heard about my plan to get Botox treatment, she disapproved of it. She explained to me the risks associated with this treatment and made me aware of the other options when it comes to treating wrinkles. That was when she mentioned about anti wrinkle cream. I gave it an attempt and it worked for me. It eliminated my wrinkles and even made my skin smoother. I am really glad I listened to her advice. If I opted for Botox, a huge portion of my savings is probably gone by now.

Go For The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream Brands And Forget The Rest
You can get rid of wrinkles by eliminating your bad habits. You have to refrain from smoking and from drinking alcoholic beverages. Instead of indulging on these unhealthy practices, you better consume more nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to save your skin from becoming dehydrated. When your skin is dry, it becomes more prone to imperfections such as fine lines and folds. Also, you have to keep your skin protected when going outdoors. Use sun block and other sun protection gears and products to ensure that your skin will not be directly exposed to the heat of the sun. If you notice that wrinkles are starting to form on any part of your body, particularly on your facial area, go find the best anti wrinkle cream. The market offers a lot of anti wrinkle creams and you will not fail locating one with the qualities that appeal to you the most. If your skin is sensitive, look for anti wrinkle products with ingredients that are plant-derived. You must pick the product of which brand is familiar to you. Go for one that is distinguished in the industry of anti wrinkle goodies.

4 thoughts on “Botox Vs. The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream

  1. You have been lucky to find a friend in your dermatologist since she was the one who dissuaded you from going for Botox. There are many other products and treatments that are quite effective in keeping the skin in good spirits. Not sure why I would say “skin in Good spirits”, but hell, it’s a mixed metaphor.

    Sue me, already 😉

  2. I prefer using anti wrinkle creams. Botox is more expensive and I am not sure if it can lead to serious effects in the future. Even if anti wrinkle creams sometimes have side effects, one can just stop using it.

  3. I am not the type who would resort to Botox just to look good. I still prefer the natural way. I am considering anti wrinkle creams but I prefer ones made from natural ingredients.

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