Getting Ready to Treat Panic Attacks Effectively

An Essay By Candi Halpern

I am beginning to hate my husband’s extreme fondness for coffee. I think he is taking too much caffeine and it’s the reason why he has to figure out how to stop his panic attacks with some good remedies. I was able to speak with a friend the other day and as a nurse, she knows a lot about panic attacks. At first, I did not know what was wrong with my husband. If not for my friend, I would not have known that my husband is already ill. I related to her how my husband’s behavior changed when his addiction to coffee started. He

Don't panic!

Don’t panic!

started to worry a lot about things that do not really matter. He fears that something ill will happen all the time. Even our kids think he is becoming weird and this makes them a little aloof to their father. I already told my husband the possibility that he has anxiety disorder. I told him that if he wants to confirm it, we should go to a specialist. He assured me that we will get there but he asked me to give him more time to gather strength. I understand that it’s not easy to accept that something is wrong with your health. I will wait until my husband is ready to see a doctor and have his problems treated.

 Save Yourself From An Anxiety Disorder

I guess it’s time I start looking at some tactics to cure anxiety disorders. My mother once experienced anxiety disorder and currently, it is my sister who is suffering from this illness. Based on a TV documentary on anxiety disorder that I was able to watch some time last year, this medical condition can be hereditary. It can also be a side effect of some serious diseases such as asthma and heart ailments. It was also mentioned that a person who is extremely stressed out can also develop anxiety disorder. I still hope that I will be saved from this bad luck. My mother already advised me to keep my lifestyle healthy to avoid having panic attacks. She knows how difficult it is to have this condition and she wishes to at least save some of her children from having to go through it. She always reminds me that I should only eat hale and hearty meals. She asks me to get involved in physical activities. She is into yoga and she wants me to try it out, as well. She also wants me to stop consuming too much alcoholic drinks and caffeine as these substances contribute to the development of anxiety disorder.


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